Let‘s start the trip by stopping at Krekenava‘s Regional Park visitors centre. There you will see an exposition which vividly and attractively reveals the uniqueness of this park.
The main theme of the exposition is ‘The variety of the old riverbeds of the River Nevėžis‘.The flora and fauna that is very specific and unique to the valleys of the River Nevėžis and the local people‘s daily lives near this river is also presented in the exposition. Visitors can find some interesting information about the mounds, mansions, villages and small towns, water mills that were found in the area of the Krekenava Regional Park as well as to read some facts about the local famous people. While watching some short educational video clips, visitors can learn about the formation of the Nevėžis old riverbeds and cognitive tourism possibilities in this area. The educational animated scenes teach how to be friendly to the environment and what damage could be done to the natural environment by irresponsibility  of people‘s behaviour. Visitors can also get acquainted with the European wisents, the main symbol of the Krekenava Regional Park by watching a video film about these unique animals in the wildlife. The plants that were gathered in this park are integrated into the partition wall made of glass. The century-old wooden cross carved by a famous cross-maker V. Svirskis is displayed in the exposition, too. The walls are decorated with plants’ and animals’ silhouettes founded in the park which playfully are situated round the whole room.  Moreover, the animal footprints on the floor lead visitors to the exposition hall.
You can proceed the trip with the educational-cognitive walk in “Girinis path” (Wood goblin’s path) founded in 2003 in the Varnakalnis forest of the Krekenava Forestry District. A half a kilometre path runs in the picturesque forest by the Linkava rivulet.
The visitors are met at the “Girinis path” gate. During the walk along the impressive path you will get familiar with most widespread species of trees of Lithuania, the layers in the forest, the main forest maintenance and protection jobs, and the main notions in forestry. You will learn to measure the volume of the standing stock and fell logs, see the means for protection of trees from animals, and various wood samples.
All information about the forest is found at five stations: “Most common tree species in the area”, “Forest layers”, “Forest regenaration and protection means”, “Selective and sanitation cutting”, “Main forest cuttings and stock measurement”.
At the end of the path, in the Girinis house-shedding one can see pictures of various animals and birds and drawings by young forest lovers. From the overview tower one can see the picturesque Linkava River valley and slope. If you are not in a hurry, sit down and relax on one of the benches or at the bonfire  place in the valley.
Having seen the Girinis path, head for the Pašiliai Bison Reservation. This is one of the most impressive and best visited properties of the Panevėžys woods. The bison reservation keeps the biggest wild animals in Europe – the European bisons which are included in the International and Lithuanian Red Book. Currently there are over 20 bisons in the enclosures, and about 50 bisons are wandering in 30-40 kilometres radius around the reservation. During 35 years of the Pašiliai bison reservation 31 bison calves were born in the enclosure and 66 at large.
In Pašiliai you can admire the bisons from a shedding-platform.
The Pašiliai Bison Reservation provides a unique possibility to watch and admire the bisons from a close distance: you can see how they feed, how scratch their large backs on to the tree trunks, how lie in the shade. The guide will let you know about  life of the European bison, tell you numerous interesting stories about these largest wild animals.
In the reservation there is a bonfire place with seats, so you have a possibility to share your impression by the hot flames of the fire.
Adjacent to the reservation you can also find the restored earth house and hiding place of the Vytis District “Rupūžėnas” partisan-freedom fighters regimen. Take a look at it.
Having spent a day in nature you will feel rested and calm.